Thursday, August 18, 2011

Research Research


Exciting news!

I decided that I needed more experience, in order to know what I wanted to be and do with my future. I've had thoughts of getting into the field of biology but I still haven't yet discovered what that exactly is.

I found a Avian Ecologist who I will be assisting next semester and interning for in the summer. I feel so ecstatic.

I sent over ten emails to different biologists, whose research I am interested in ( mostly anything with evolution or ecology). It was so nerve wrecking, and in return I received about 2 emails . (a 3rd one today lol )

I took a chance meet up with the professor and first time's a charm. I think that the day when I went for somewhat of an interview, I was sweating balls. We talked for two hours ( time passed by quickly, I didn't even realize that) . He told me about his research, which is researching the impact of the rail way to birds in the location. He wasn't going to be doing this till the breeding season, later in the semester. So during the winter, I will be continuing a previous experiment.
 It is the impact of seasonality and location on nest survival and predation. Long story short I feel like saying YEAH! haha

I feel like my luck is changing and everything is getting better.

I'm  going to watch boot legged New moon now and see what the rave is all about. Curiosity kills the cat =P

xo Hanh

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