Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thoughts in the pooper


Right now I'm sitting in the pooper and feel like writing something. I always like to do something like read a newspaper, ads, a book etc. while in the pooper. Honestyl it's no surprise, we all poop, so why be ashamed of it ! Anyhow, update...Lately I've been feeling alot better ! I know.. I know, it's no fun to read about good news lol (thats why news broadcasts and newspaper articles always talk about tragic morbid things). Anyways , I'm starting to ramble like always lol. I haven't found a new psychologist yet, I guess I'm putting it off since I have this fear of rejection (when I was little I would be scared to ask the teacher, if I can go to the bathroom because of this fear and I would hold it until I would have to go BADLY) and it felt like the previous school psychologist rejected me in some way or form. I will bring myself in finding a new psychologist after schools over, which will be in two weeks.

 Video ideas...So I thought it would be nice if I did a more chill video...eating competition! With me VS kristy(9years old)...jeremy(8 years old)...or johnny (14 years old) You guys can VOTE with a comment who you want to compete against me. This is what we will be eating:

I will be sad that my lollipops will be gone but that's ok, I can always buy new ones.

hahah I come up with the weirdest ideas in the pooper. It is like my idea hub.

So this thanksgiving I cooked thanksgiving dinner at my house! I went over my bf's to eat and then back to my house. It sucks when you cook though, because after all of the cooking you don't even have an appetite. I somewhat over cooked also,the left overs have been meals everyday since thanksgiving lol.

I am getting too hyper..5hr energy the usual lol.
Peace and love

xo Hanhie

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