Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Obsession of the day


So it is 11:03pm and I just got done eating a LARGE bowl of cornflakes ! It is so goooood! I like frosted flakes too but it's a little too sweet for my taste. It is so weird that when you grow up your tastes change the way you dress, the things you like, the people you talk to and etc. I would have never expected that my taste in food would also change! I used to hate relish, mustard, hot dogs, burgers,coleslaw, potato salad, and etc. But now I just CAN'T get enough! It's kinda of scary to realize how much I have changed and how old I am getting. Hopefully, this realization and change is for the best!

My addiction is GIVING...sounds crazy doesn't it? But knowing that someone else is happy because of me gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment ever!

xOXO hanhie

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