Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Birthday Dinner


So yesterday I had an early birthday dinner with my family. It was sweet of my mom to invite everyone and throw the whole thing.It was a small immediate family dinner and my bf also came along [he's def family]. I had work and when I got off I didn't feel well at all. I thought that the food would make me feel better but it didn't
=( . I just felt really sick the whole time. It was a wierd feeling, even though I had eaten I kind of felt empty since I was in so much pain. IDK it's hard to explain this feeling. Anyhow I was still a good time !

Maria Taylor interview bf has been making it he'll be done soon and when he is, i'll post it on youtube. I was extremely nervous in it, I still can't watch it because I get the same feeling even by just watching it!

Chictopia...I also have a collab video with chictopia which will be done soon also!

xoxo Hanhie

here are some pictures !

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