Thursday, August 18, 2011

the big 2 1 or just any other day


When you are younger, you make everything out to be so grand and exciting. But as you get older the excitement seems to have disappeared. I wonder if this is true for all or just for myself. Or maybe it is just the fact that I don't live the unhealthy life styles of people my age, so this day doesn't really seem to have any positive effects in my life, except for the part that I am aging and it's just another day closer to getting wrinkles and having everyone treat you like a child (I'm still treated like that maybe it's a lifetime thing), and have nothing to do but be old and get bored.

I don't drink, I don't smoke (it's an 18 year old kinda thing I know), I don't gamble. So the twenty first notion has no affect on me what so every. In a way I am glad, they are just unhealthy habits/lifestyles that I don't need to part take in my life. No thanks to lungs, liver damage, and burning a hole in my pocket. I have plenty of bad habits and I don't need more.

I guess this is just another pointless pessimistic blog like every other...

xoxo hanhie

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