Thursday, August 18, 2011

Does Light Skinned really equal = Beautiful????

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Dear People,
I haven't blogged my thoughts for a while and the other day I stubbled upon an old blog and it made me realize how beneficial this "blogging" stuff is for me here it goes

Right now I am watching the movie Greta (the one with the Lizzie Mcguire girl aka Hilary Duff ). In the movie she likes this black guy and it leads me to wondering ........
Why are the main characters always "light skinned" ??? --even if they were black, they are light skinned....

I don't like that, I don't want to be those people who pick at everything but this just bothers me ---you would think nowadays people would know better...growing up my family always made fun of me because I was naturally tan and not pretty and "light skinned"'s pretty fucked up

SO... what do you think?? Is it true? Not true?

----BY THE WAY which picture do you think looks better? haha


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  1. Which is your true colour skin ton?
    The 2nd pic looks better, your skin looks brighter and shinier.
    Both dark and light skin ton looks pretty, depends what in your mind. =)