Thursday, August 18, 2011



Writing these blogs remind me of Sex and the City's Kerry Bradshaw. Hahahha Watching that show actually made me realize a lot about relationships and life. It's strange how Kerry set out her journey looking for love but in the end she is always short of commitment .

We do a lot of things that are the exact opposite of what we set out to do. Like say, taking it extra hard on the ones you love or your significant other. I have came to self realization that sometimes I take it extra hard on my BF. A reason I think that maybe is because he is so important to me and he has such a strong grasp of my heart that I have to put up this extra wall, insulation, and protection as a defense mechanism. I care for him so much and am extremely over protective that any small thing can set me to the offense. How can I change this? What would you do?

You hurt the ones you love

This saying has been going on for generations and generations. But why have we not learn yet to change history and not keep making the same mistakes?

I want to cherish the ones I love. I want them to feel and know how much they mean to me and how much I love them. But sometimes it is hard to express this. It seems like you take it hardest on the ones you love. But why can't we just learn to love each other and get along.

I wish life was just as easy as that.

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