Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something I recieved


By Eric Baker

I cant help it you're too beautiful. When i look in your eyes it fulfills this empty void in my soul which has been longing to be filled. your radiance consumes my body making me want to be a better person, i find acceptance and hope in your unconditional loving presence and it sends shivers of ecstasy down my spine,throbbing electric shocks of bliss vibrates around me giving me everything unattainable i so helplessly desire. It leaves me gasping for breath as i am finally aware of how undescribable you are and how many intense feeling rush to my mind when i think of you. It leaves my eyes wet from joyful tears and yet i find myself hiding under blankets like a scared child who's heart is pulsating from the fear of your disappointment of who i am. but i would wait an eternity to feel your warm touch. A feeling that gives me uncontrollable sensations through this clouded haze in my heart that only u can clear...

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