Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Intro

Date: 4/6/09

These pictures are a token of my appreciation for all of your support. Since this is a blog I wanted to share some important moments of my life with you guys!!! So you can see another side of me other than makeup and hair tutorials =P.

#1 If you don't know who she is ,well now you do. She's my favorite MUSICIAN of all TIME!!! check her out she is AMAZZZING!!!

#2 Bugs !!!

#3 A baby tiger ! It was so soft but STINKY!

#4 Something I wanted to do before I died was meet Conor Oberst!!! I <3 him

#5Since some viewers had pondered and asked what my boyfriend looked like I decided to show him to you guys...back off girls he's mine LOL =P I saved the BEST for last
I had heels on it made me so TALLLLL! (eric & I)

Hey Guys! Man, I just made this thing and I am still learning and getting used to it. I just uploaded a few pictures but later on I will add details about the videos (makeup/clothing/tips). I'm sorry there isn't much right now =( but I promise I will update it ASAP! Anyways thank you for all of your support. I am planning to do a 15,000 subscribers CONTEST soon =). So keep an EYE open for that ^_~ . I am uploading a Straight Voluminous tutorial right now but it has been processing for more than 2 HOURS! I don't know what's wrong with Youtube but they better speed it up =/ . TTYL!
<3 Hanhie

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