Thursday, August 18, 2011

My horrible day!!!! (my contact broke in HALF)

 Date: 4/19/09

My contact broke in Organic Chemistry. It was a couple of days back but this is a crazy/gross story so I thought you might be interested! My contact len was irritating my eye so I kind of touched it, to try to adjust it and before I knew it something fell on the desk. It was half of the contact (the smaller half) and the other half was stuck in my eye ball. I couldn't see it in there because it was lodged in to the socket but I definately felt it. It took me an hour to get it out! The piece was huge, I got it out by yawning alot, so that my eyes would water and eventually slipped out.My eye was red because I kept sticking my finger into my eye! >_< My contacts are FRESH LOOK GRAY COLOR BLENDS by the way. I called Lenscrafter aka my eye place and they were the LEAST helpful. They thought that I was making the situation up (prank call) for one and said something like "well you don't want to take it out" when I told them that I cannot come there because I was at school. All they said was " you have to come here, so we can take it out" I hate those FUCKERS thanks to them. I had to then sit in my last lecture for 1hr and 15 min then on the train for 30mins, by the time I drove home I felt extremely nauseous, dizzy and distoriented because I can see out of only ONE eye (my prescription is -4.0,-4.25 which is HORRIBLE). And it was very hard to drive with this also BLAH!

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