Thursday, August 18, 2011


Dear readers,
I am sitting here and I can't sleep. I've been updating everything to a white orchid spring theme to go with the way I feel and the season. I don't know why, call me crazy, but i am in to WHITE this year. It is so strange to me I had never ever thought in a million years that i would like white. I am obsessed!
I'm actually not even suppose to sleep I am suppose to study for my orgo test on Friday blahhhhhhhhhh.

I bought a bunch of NYX stuff and ELF stuff so I will probably doing a haul video. And I got some new bows and hello kitty clothing so I might include that also if I'm not lazy.

PS please join the contest ! there are only 30 video responds and 4 prizes you are more likely to win vs. commenting (1/1500 chance of winning).

xoxo h

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