Thursday, August 18, 2011



Yes Yes I know my blogging is always depressing lol. Anyhow there's more where that came from LOL. I am sick! =( Both my Bf and sister are sick, they double teamed it on me so now I'm sick. I am extra crabby and get agitated easily =(. I have a sore throat and the worst time is at night or when I first wake up. It is very painful but luckly I have my spiffy Halls strawberry cough drops with me . I have a whole bag for my backpack since tomorrow is the first full day of school where I will be sick. I don't want to be crabbier than I already am . Hopefully I will get over this soon. I heard somewhere that there's an estimation that a HUGE number of people will get swine flu this up coming flu season! SO GET YOUR SHOTS! lol . Don't say I didn't warn you. Anyhow back to the studies .


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