Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Melt Downs & Thinking positive

Dear Diary,
Today I had a strange day and it is only 12:29 pm. I woke up from a bunch of nightmares as usual. Lately I have been having these moments of "frustration" where my day would go horrible and I would try extremely hard to think positive; however, when something tiny goes wrong, I would mentally collapse. It's happened about 3 times already in the pass two weeks or so. I feel like these situations keep repeating themselves and when I started having nightmares about them last night, I started to get even more worried.

To make the situation worst, since I have an allergy test on friday morning, five days before that I can't take any antihistamines aka allergy medicine. Everyday after stopping my allergy medicine, I have been a mess and  getting worst. This morning I could not stop sneezing and my nose was a drippy mess. I also ran out of my allergy eye drops, so I was literally scratching my eyes out.

I decided to go to Dominick's and when I was ten feet away from my car I realized that I didn't have my car keys...which were kind of attached to my house keys...

I quickly walked back to my apartment, and I decided to get back in through a window. Probably one of the most embarrassing things in my life, since I could potentially look like I am robbing my own apartment. The thing is my boyfriend locked my I started to panic as I am trying to open all of the windows. I went to the back and called my boyfriend, panicking, and asking him if he had locked all of the windows. Thankfully, my bedroom windows were not locked so I was able to get in. And hopefully one of my neighbors who are there with their kid didn't think that I was a robber...actually I think I looked more like a nerd with my glasses on...=)

I think if I was not able to get into apartment, I would have possibly had a break down, since the weather is shit and I was stranded in it.

Afterward, I went to Dominick's. I slowly convinced my self that things will be okay and that my day will change if I thought I did.

And GUESS WHAT?! Things did look brighter. The Starbucks in Dominick's gave out free hazelnut frappacino samples...I was waiting in line for checkout and this guy came up to me and said he was opening a new check out aisle, so I didn't even have to wait!

I just have to have hope...that everything will be okay & if I think happy thoughts, I WILL be happy.

Simple as that...weird right?


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  1. <3 I am glad things got better for you, and even more glad that you found a way back into your apartment! I swear by the saying that everything happens for a reason, and that bad things happen so good things can even out the score. xo