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 Date: 8/18/09
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Dear Hanh Bui,

I represent a great portion of your subscribers or should I say, one of the masses of people that have unsubscribed to you. Many of us agreed to write a letter to Elle and this is what resulted of it. This is the body of the e-mail to Elle's editors. We're letting you know this because we feel that your videos have taken a drastic spin into what we feel is depriving from the audience and using us to gain notorious votes as well as swindle prizes from very deserving people who don't even have a shot against you because you're using US, the public, the viewers. Read the comments on your Elle prize package video. Look at where all the thumbs up belong to, count them up and imagine how many people feel the way we feel about you. You really should learn how to appreciate people more and you are completely stuck up, self absorbed, if you don't being corrected - then you can only be perfect right? But you're not. So it's not good to call certain people bitches because they threw in their opinions and corrections. Your job is to sit there, let it go, and learn from what they say. It's poor moral behavior, the choices you made and I thought I'd personally reach to you and say that you also reach a young audience. Stop cussing so much, pull up your shirt, and be a better example. If you're teaching the younger generation that it is perfectly fine to call people "bitches" then there's obviously something wrong with you.

Elle only publishes the fine goods in my opinion. However, lately Elle has surpassed a very important matter that should be address or be brought attention to. The contest of Elle's Video Star is biased. How? Because Hanh Bui had won the contest previously but it was by getting her YouTube viewers to click on the link. This is unfair to the contest because it is using her popularity on YouTube to cast these votes. Many are outraged by the unjust results. If you actually locate her on YouTube, it shows her being unappreciative for the prizes that she won. And looking at the votes also on the actual Elle website, she's winning by far because of her subscribers. Many people posted up videos putting in their better efforts and she had won because she taught people how to pull her bangs back? Let's be real here. Elle is going to have some negative attention by allowing this to happen. Also, this person, Hanh Bui, are calling people "bitches" that don't conform to her liking and it's not fair that people like us did vote for her and we end up feeling deprived of what was right. I'm including a link to all her video comments regarding the Elle contest and it can clearly be seen that hundreds or perhaps even thousands of viewers were appalled by the outcome. Now she's entered another contest, do you think it's fair to be giving this individual prizes that she didn't seem all that grateful for? The link is posted below. This is stirring up a lot of controversy on the internet.

The link:

Her YouTube ID: Ahanhbarbie34

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